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Principals's Message

Dear Washington Prep Family, 

I am very excited to start the second year of Humanizing Education for Equitable Transformation (H.E.E.T.) community of school network.  We have endured a time which has never been seen, and moving forward, nothing will ever be the same, but we are stronger and better for it.  

I have served this District in many capacities, from a Special Education Assistant to a Special Education Coordinator and Program Specialist.  I have been an Assistant Principal at Crenshaw HS and Stephen White MS.  Most recently I was an Operations Coordinator for LD West.  Using these experiences, I envision Washington Prep reaching a goal of 100% graduation rate, as well as attendance.  For the past six years we have developed systems that support the vision for this great school. This year will be challenging with the changes in support and resources, but there has been much accomplished already before the school year has begun.  

Our school site is under many mandates and improvement plans that center around raising the student achievement at Washington Prep. It is our duty to continue to grow and refine our professional practice through the vehicle of Professional Learning Communities, meeting the goals outlined in our WASC action plan, School Incentive Funding support, School Improvement Grant in partnerships with LAEP, the LCAP goals, improved Parent Engagement, Educator Development and Support (EDST) cycle, Educator Development and Support for Non-Classroom Teachers (EDSNCT) cycle, and supervising the instructional programs within our school. It is our role to implement the action plan with fidelity to ensure we orchestrate opportunities for our community of learners.  

Under the overarching concepts of developing leadership potential, building instructional capacity and operational responsiveness we will focus on being a collaborative school team dedicated to the common goal of 100% graduation for all students. The Instructional Team will structure our daily activities to be in the classrooms, providing feedback and evaluating faculty performance in our departments, and actively supervising all stakeholders (faculty, classified staff, students, and volunteers (coaches, organizations, etc.).  

Our goal is to help students achieve their personal and academic objectives and provide quality instruction based on a foundation of respect and integrity.  We believe in working with our students, having a sense of compassion when it comes to their dreams, for their lives, respecting their input to elevate their character to be reputable and sustainable in an ever-changing society.  

The healing process begins with us, and we can manifest this in all our students.  I look forward to working with each one of you this school year. I hope you had a chance to rest and recharge for an exciting year ahead.  

Together in Service,  

Tony L. Booker